Tuesday, October 27, 2009

So what if Spencer was anti-Catholic?

He wrote great poetry.

"So up [Redcross] rose and thence amounted straight.
Which when [Despair] beheld, and saw his guest
Would safe depart for all his subtle sleight,
He chose an halter from among the rest,
And with it hung himself, unbid, unblessed.
But death he could not work himself thereby;
For thousand times he so himself had dressed,
Yet natheless it could not do him die
Till he should die his last, that is eternally."

—Faerie Queene, Book I, Canto 9.


  1. Poor Despair. Poor, poor Despair,
    Who, ever seeking Death, never found him there.


    Yeah, Spencer is actually starting to grow on me, in an academic sort of way. Not like Lewis, who somehow found his way into my childhood and barricaded himself, safe from any usurpers, but as one grows to love someone one is forced to live with.

  2. Oh piffle! DMGM is only the oldest of seven children.
    The pictorial references are phenomenal-the writing even better!

  3. Oh piffle! DMGM is only the oldest of seven children.
    Seriously though, the pictorial references are phenomenal, but the writing is the best!