Monday, August 23, 2010

Everything's Up to Date in Kansas City--and It Ain't Lookin' Like Kansas No More

So . . . Ann Coulter is speaking at a gay conservatives' conference (GOProud’s “Homocon”). While I'm not surprised, I admit to being profoundly disappointed.

In related news, I was running a 1960 Stanford-Binet test on a young friend of mine today. In the “Verbal Absurdities?” section, I came across the following question:

“In the year 1915 many more women than men got married in the United States.”

What is it about us in 2010 that most adults would flunk a fourth-grade intelligence test?


  1. Oh let me try! We live in Sodom? At least as far as sexual morality is concerned...

  2. Ouch?

    Thank God there are probably more than ten just men in America today!

    What really troubles me is the number of people who are comparing this to the civil rights movement in the 1960s.