Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Thank Goodness!

I was thinking about Thanksgiving, and how I ought to do some sort of Thanksgiving post. Thankful ... thankful ... I'm thankful for ... Hm. If I said what I'm really thankful for, that would be charging outside the usual realm of this blog into the personal. No thanks. I could do a "not-thankful" list ... done already by someone who does it much better than I could. I could write in the abstract about thankfulness ... complicated subject; maybe another time. I could tell everyone what they ought to be thankful for ... did I do that already? Catholic spin ... been there too. I could let Wumpick ... no, no, no. Not for Thanksgiving.

Luckily for me, this weekend three stories came across my electronic desk. Three of anything is always enough to make something out of so, without further blithering, I propose that this year we should all be thankful for ...

Secularists waking up to the folly of their secularist assumptions! Who knew the mainstream would get so pro-life?

A Down Syndrome infant is hired by modeling agency.

The Onion gets surprisingly serious on China's one-child policy.

And Apple's "Siri" won't advise on abortion providers. (Remember where Steve Jobs came from?)

This is why we need to keep up the prayer, penance, and public discourse on the issue. Hearts are clearly changing. Let's get out there and change some more!

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