Sunday, December 25, 2011

Deo et Sibi Similes

There are many, many setting for this carol, but my favorite is the one by T. Pasatieri, sung here by Thomas Hanson (note that Pasatieri's version uses the verses here numbered 1, 2, 5, 12, 3, and 11, in that order).

1. Puer natus in Bethlehem, Alleluia.

Unde gaudet Jerusalem. Alleluia.

Born is a boy in Bethlehem
For the joy of Jerusalem.

2. Per Gabrielem nuntiam,
Virgo concepit Filium.

At Gabriel's message being done
One still a maid conceived a son.

3. Hic jacet in præsepio, Alleluia.
Qui regnat sine termino. Alleluia.

Here, into a manger he'd bend
Who reigns a king without an end.

4. Cognovit bos et asinus, Alleluia.
Quod puer erat Dominus. Alleluia.

Even the ox and the ass have adored;
They know the infant is their Lord.

5. Reges de Sabâ veniunt, Alleluia.
Aurum, thus, myrrhum offerunt. Alleluia.

Kings come from Sheba, offering;
Frankincense, gold, and myrrh they bring.

6. Intrantes domum invicem, Alleluia.
Novum salutant principem. Alleluia.

And entering the home, each one
Salutes the prince whose rule's begun.

7. De matre natus virgine, Alleluia.
Sine virili semine; Alleluia.

A virgin mother gave him birth:
Not by man's seed came God to earth.

8. Sine serpentis vulnere, Alleluia.
De nostro venit sanguine; Alleluia.

Not by the serpent wounded, he
Came of our blood, and came yet free.

9. In carne nobis similis, Alleluia.
Peccato sed dissimilis; Alleluia.

In flesh he came, in flesh like ours,
But unlike us, without sin's scars,

10. Ut redderet nos homines, Alleluia.
Deo et sibi similes. Alleluia.

To free us men, not to condemn,
Making us like to God and him.

11. In hoc natali gaudio, Alleluia.
Benedicamus Domino: Alleluia.

So on this birthday, we rejoice,
Blessing the Lord with heart and voice.

12. Laudetur sancta Trinitas, Alleluia.
Deo dicamus gratias. Alleluia.

The Holy Three-in-One we pray;
Thanking and praising God, we say:


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