Wednesday, June 26, 2013


Last night I watched a movie made in the '30s--a movie that portrayed a Tennessee chapel revival/conversion scene without irony, and without making the churchgoers into criminals or the convert into a victim.  This morning I got up to hear all about Perry and Windsor.  With all due respect to my conservative friends who want to see the decisions as examples of judicial restraint, they are really reminders of how far we have come ... in not even a century ... from ideas that we used to hold about the place of religion in our lives, and the place of certain other things that were seen as so natural as to be even more basic, if possible, than religion itself.

Here's another reminder of how much things have changed.  It was 1955.  Things weren't perfect (as a few of the lyrics of the song may suggest); but Dean is a far cry from Macklemore and Lewis.

Memories, indeed.

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  1. I watched Mr Smith Goes to Washington with a nice glass of wine last night as a way to insulate myself from my Eyore tendencies. Watching the Senate open with a prayer and hearing Jeff read from the Bible during his filibuster was an interesting reminder of how different things were 70 years ago, even if they were in many ways the same (corruption, cynicism, indifference)