Wednesday, July 3, 2013

The Good Side of the South

I'm prepping for a southern literature class this fall, and not enjoying it particularly much at the moment--unless you can use the word "enjoyment" to describe the sensation that accompanies watching a train-wreck.

But of course, not everything that came out of the south is that way: there is my father, for one thing, and of course there is always Ella Fitzgerald, whom I've talked about before ...

... and her scat singing.  Oh, that jazz version of coloratura. 

Note particularly in video below how she actually makes fun around minute four of, um, well, er, people who sing like my family and I.

Or actually, how she makes fun of people like this ...

What a world, where we get to have both!

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  1. Wow. All three were impressive, but the second one really cracked me up...