Sunday, September 1, 2013

Sin Is Not Hurtful

... because it is forbidden ...
... but it is forbidden because it is hurtful.

A one-sentence primer on natural law, in case you were interested!
(Purportedly from Franklin, of all people.)


  1. The polar explorer Franklin? The Freemason printer Franklin? Franklin the Turtle?

    There's still the issue of what "hurtful" is, before discerning what things are hurtful... but, yes, this one thing would be a very good start!

    1. I presume this is THE Franklin - as in the founder.

      As for "hurtful", although something could be hurtful in a variety a ways, it means causing harm. I'm not sure how much argument that requires, unless someone is confused about what constitutes the good for man. And even in that case, hurt is still bad, although they might disagree that what is commonly called sin is in fact hurtful.
      (This is roughly analogous to happiness. Everyone knows it is good but might disagree about what brings it about.)