Sunday, October 14, 2012

If You Didn't Come Here from NCR, Go Right Back

And read about Justice Scalia.

Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia Takes Aim at the Separation of Church and State


P.S. Because I wrote it.


  1. In NCR - nice! Fun article on what sounds like a very fun evening. I knew, of course, that Scalia was "one of our own," but didn't guess he'd be quite that candid... It's also pleasant to see a genuine conservative who's not a libertarian (I'm thinking primarily of the bit where he talks about how Catholicism regards government as more than just a necessary evil).

    One thing I wasn't clear about: should I assume that for Scalia there are only two good reasons for Church-state separation, namely 300+ religions + decline-in-religiosity? In other words, would Scalia support non-separation in a religiously fervent France—or did he not specify?

    1. You know, someone else asked me a similar question in a different way--along the lines of "What would Scalia say to having a confessional state?" My (perhaps a little thoughtless) answer was "He wouldn't say anything!" I'm sure he HAS a personal philosophy on the matter, but he's always (and rightly, given his office) kept it private.

      If I had to read his mind ... Oh, just ask me about it sometime! I almost answered the question on FB, and I could try to answer here; but if I'm wrong it would be pointless to speculate, and if I'm right it would be irresponsible. (Unless I were entirely Cassandric--which is not the case, worse luck!)