Wednesday, August 22, 2012

I Don't Play Favorites

... when it comes to Mozart's piano concertos.  'Cause really, I don't have the technique for it.  I can't even get #9 under my belt.

Not only do I not play favorites (my parents would be so proud!) but I don't even have favorites.  All Mozart's piano concertos are heavenly.  There are just some (to borrow a phrase from Mr. Orwell) that are more heavenly than others ...


  1. Can I just say how nifty it is that this isn't that Mozart Piano concerto? Not that it isn't lovely, but, as you say, favourites and all...

    Of course some can be more heavenly than others; and there are Heavens and Heavens, you know: each the blessed abode of particular creatures differing from the Divine in some specific way, and some will be closer to Him than others (without the latter suffering for it).

    1. I feel like I am missing some terribly obvious joke here ...

    2. Joke? No... well, when anyone says "Mozart Piano Concerto", there's one in particular that pops into my head, and I'm sure you know which one it is.

    3. Er ... no? At a guess I'd say either the "Elvira Madigan," or one of the ones excerpted in Amadeus.

    4. Ahaha! OK, I just looked up the "Elvira Madigan." Had no idea. I'd always assumed that Elvira was, well, a friend of Mozart's. Which goes to show you the depth of my musical history knowledge!

    5. Oh! Hmmm... Yes, that's the one; and now I wonder if that film is why it's the one I seem to hear most often. See (for gaps, you aint got naught on me!) I wouldn't ever have heard the name "Elvira Madigan" and thought of the good old K.467 (nor would "K.467" have worked. K.495 would work ---correctly, that is--- thanks to Michael Flanders.)