Monday, August 6, 2012

It's a Great Day

~Ramona Quimby.

What great day?  Why, the Feast of the Transfiguration, in case you didn't know!  (S'OK, per usual I did not either, until noon Mass.)

One cannot let these things go by unmarked.  And so:

We shall all be changed ...

Of note: While the video was uploaded only a couple years ago, something in the ladies' ensembles is screaming "1970s" at me.  Still, it's nice that they didn't require concert blacks all the time.


  1. Ascension!? Surely that should be Transfiguration?? Though to be sure one is a Type of the other...

    For Example

    1. Oh, well, that is embarrassing! There really is no excuse for it (despite your theological point), but I submit (in the interests of supporting my appeal for clemency) that I was up rather late last night.

    2. Good music, at least, needs no excuses; as for being up late, well, we've all been there, that's for sure.

      Clementia: confirmata; Monita esto: sleep better tonight, if you can!

      (If you'd told me the priest had got his lectionary and missal all haywire, I'd have believed you, you know!)