Sunday, August 26, 2012

"The Help Women Want"

So I am now *cough cough* an Associate Editor for a very prestigious (wait, wait; we will be!) web magazine for which I have previously written and which you should all take a look at now and again.  Behold, my first post for the Editor's Blog.

"The Help Women Want"

Todd Akin's recent comments, and the Romney-Ryan campaign’s decision to come out against restricting abortions under certain circumstances, took me mentally to a place I do not like to go very often.  Politics has a way of doing that.  If you are reading this, and you haven’t read Altcatholicah’s current top story, “Tragedy Compounded,” I urge you to go read it.  The author speaks with much authority on the matter than I could.

It is not an easy piece to read, and it cannot have been an easy one to write; but at the same time I experienced a certain relief while reading it.  Here, thank God, is a woman weighing in on the question of abortion as a way out of tragedy—a woman weighing in and saying, in point of fact, that abortion is not a way out of tragedy at all; that pregnancy, in fact, might possibly be a better one.

Go read the rest at Altcatholicah.

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